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Minerals :)

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Minerals :)

Postby Newerakaye » Tue May 06, 2014 11:57 am

firstly... this is not spam! my car was on here. still check in from time to time. used to have a white altezza turbo on here.

thought this might be of interest..

my mate (who is also a memeber on here) gave me a glass after a night on gin and tonic... and i kept taking the minerals and my head aches that i usually get have come right down to a manageable level and all in all im feeling good for it.

P.S if you go for the auto ship. get it cheaper and its easy to cancel (i did after my first lot, although i did go back and reorder lol)

just thought i would share the love.

cheers, happy summer!

Chris (newerakaye)

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