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Stickers for Sunstrip?

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Stickers for Sunstrip?

Postby RS Tom-Hundred » Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:16 pm

I've been wanting to add a couple of subtle-ish stickers to my black sunstrip and wondered if there was any chance of getting some Tezzaworld ones on to also promote the club at the same time?

Presuming that normal ones aren't still produced but fancy something a bit more involved anyway. Was thinking about this when the old forum page was around and ideally I'm after combining a couple of images maybe?

In an ideal world Id have the top half of this one (without the car):

and then the dragon and car outline of this one either under it or along side it:

I'm rubbish with photoshop so I cant do it but basically cos I would want it to show up on the black background of my sunstrip, it would have the red top bit with the "" bit with the white shadow type outline and then the dragon and car bit either in the same smoke/grey or in a white etc.

Does anyone have the original images or vectors or anything that we can use to get them made up please? Does anyone own the copyright

Also would anyone else be interested in these and so we could maybe get a group buy going to make stickers up and make them cheaper? :)

If not, would there be any objections with me taking the images and getting some made up if I can get hold of higher res originals?

Cheers :)

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