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Detailing in uk

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Detailing in uk

Postby Autogloss » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:10 pm

Hi guys

im pleased to announce i now have a new member of staff working for me on weekends. Shaun ins my mentor and the chap who taught me everything I know when it comes to use of the machine polisher. He has been in the bodyshop industry for over 18 years now, giving us a collective of 26 years knowledge

This means we are now able to do 2 perhaps 3 cars per day now

so if you chaps down south would like a visit, get something organised in you area, and we are more than happy to pop down for a weekend.

Prices would be as follows including discount

1 stage detail - £120 (normally £140)
2 Stage Detail - £150 (normally £170)
3 Stage detail - £170 (normally £200)

if you are unsure of what treatment your car would need, please send some piccies under and led torch or something, and we can advise on the best course of action

On top would just be 40p/mile down to you fuel surcharge ( obviously if you get 3 people then that is split between the 3 of you)

We would need a location with power and water source.



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