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Head flow & performance

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 2:48 pm
by Wanabetezza
So what I have found out from reading is the head flows very well. This will be a boosted engine so top end power is a must. I have a basic idea I'm wanting and please feel free to pipe in. So for starts, titanium valves have got to go. I have found the auto head has steel valves but smaller valves and less agressive cams and smaller buckets. So I have contacted a company to build some stainless intake valves and iconel exhaust for a manual head. Here's my dilema, being the springs are designed for titanium, will after market springs work with the added weight of the steel valves, or will I be limited on how much lift I can run before coil bind? Also should I go 1mm oversized since now is the time to? Now this leads me to my next area of the head, the cams. Toda make some to delete vvti, but that's a no sir. Toda VVTI cams have weak dtation and high lift so maybe? Vvti makes massive torque and can be tuned to help a turbo spool. So I contacted kelford, and they can make me agressive 272° cams.with 11.5 lift intake and 11mm exhaust. Again VVTI tuning will help keep low end torque in place. Next is springs. So far I have found Toda 13.5mm max lift, Kelford 13.5mm max lift and Glenn (Celicara45) whose lift is unknown but his race engine has 14+ lift so I'm sure they are awesome or custom which is $$$. Sorry for the first long post but I want some opinions for what has Worked before I hear what somebody has to Sell